Vin Diesels response to ARK 2!

Vin Diesels response to ARK 2!

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Vin Diesels response to ARK 2!

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ARK: Survival Evolved

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33 thoughts on “Vin Diesels response to ARK 2!”

  1. The way the game is meant to be played ask you to raise digital kids for unreasonable amounts of time I’ve raised real kids. I hate the time is ask for for fakes kids I can’t even be bothered to name cause I don’t give a shit about them I just like helping people ,like if I can get into your base then you need a new defensive strategy I like helping people figure out if they need a new one and I’m so kind and caring I do it without asking. Eventually I quit ark a long time ago it’s still the same boring stick figure moving during fighting then you have to birth kids for go to unbelievable amounts of time. Don’t tell me it’s changed for what you think is better, with your tunnel vision I know what you see. Don’t be a loser making excuses for losers just be a loser

  2. Hmm, how many big names actually code? Nice that worthless hollywood plays with their kids but do they play like most players? They have big lives outside of gaming, breakfast in Milan and all that crap, you really rely on their experiences in gaming?

  3. Unless they change it to not be all 3rd person, I won’t be playing from right off the get go. To me thats a deal breaker already…… I was excited until I heard that… So disappointed

  4. I think releasing Ark 2 as 3rd person just to accompany controls for pvp which is the main issue of Aimbotting meshing ddosing and duping is going to lose a large fan base on the PVE side. Big risk. Are they ready to take their cash cow to the butcher? As of right now I'll be staying with Ark 1.


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