vin diesel vs dinosaurs ark 2 trailer (2021) action 4k ultra hd

VIN DIESEL VS DINOSAURS Ark 2 Trailer (2021) Action 4K ULTRA HD

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Ark 2 is, somehow, a real videogame, and it’s got a whole bunch of Vin Diesel (in some capacity). One of the least expected reveals of The Game Awards 2020, Studio Wildcard debuted Ark 2 with a lengthy cinematic starring Vin Diesel’s character beating up dinos and looking generally ripped, if a little CGI plasticky.

But, wait, isn’t Ark a multiplayer survival game? What’s with these voiced characters and stories? It seems like Studio Wildcard has bigger ambitions for the Ark franchise, including an animated show starring Diesel, Russel Crowe, Elliot Page, Karl Urban, and more.

Here’s what we know about the actual game so far.

When does Ark 2 release?
Studio Wildcard isn’t talking release dates yet for Ark 2, suggesting that the game is still far away. Keep in mind that the first game launched in Early Access and didn’t hit a full release until 2017, a full two years later. With a big star like Vin Diesel attached, Early Access might not be the plan this time around, though.
Out of nowhere Studio Wildcard dropped a 4-minute cinematic reveal trailer for Ark 2. A follow-up to Survival Evolved, a game known for its big expansions, is surprising enough, but even crazier is that Ark 2 will star Vin Diesel.

Studio Wildcard later said on Twitter that the trailer was made completely in-engine with real game assets. It’s hard to believe the final game will look quite this good when it releases, but it’s nonetheless impressive.

Vin Diesel’s character is named Santiago
As we see in the cinematic, Vin Diesel’s character Santiago appears to be wading through dino-infested forest alongside who might be his wife and daughter. According to his bio from the animated series trailer, Santiago is a “24th-century ‘Mek’-pilot, gearhead, & freedom-fighter.” He’s also got a little tribe in tow, who run into a bit of trouble when a band of creepy blue guys jumps them. Vin Diesel holds them off until a t-rex decides to stomp in and ruin the party.

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