This Is What Its Like Playing ARK In 2022…

Say goodbye to ARK, time for ARK 2.
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36 thoughts on “This Is What Its Like Playing ARK In 2022…”

  1. I'm playing Ark since Alpha release and got more then 8k play time. Im missing the good old days 🙁
    Since 2 month im playing Solo on small tribes on crystal isle and still got unraided on a legit base spot. I dont how but i guess i have lots of luck😀

  2. “I don’t blame wildcard because it’s unmanageable”. My guy, it’s only gotten to this point because wildcard let it get to this point and go unchecked for years. Legit most useless devs known to man. It’s a shame a game with such potential has devs like them tbh.

  3. I play this game casually with a couple of friends on a PvE server, nothing serious, just killing dinos, progressing and having fun

    I once used to play PvP but well, I have a life now… this game is not friendly towards people who can't play 24/7

  4. Honestly, if wildcard gave IP bans the cheating rate would drastically decrease… Like, come on Wildcard, do you guys really think these kids have really big ass galaxy brains? do you think these kids have basic technical knowledge of how a pc works? they just have money to spend on new accounts and cheating software, most of them have no remote idea of how their cheats actually work…

  5. Spent this arkpoc wipe solo living on a skyquetz on SE for a week before my helmet got randomly poped while on top of it by a dude on a griffin, ESP and aimbot + all else is absolutely depressing for a person like me that enjoyed and played sooo much this game, I keep thinking I lost hope but still come back to it every couple months. It is a tragic comedy in some sort, thanks for the content and keep it up my dude.

  6. You should play Xbox Arkpoc. I played it for over 2 years and you cant realy cheat on there. The only cheater you will meet there are meshers. Its pretty funny and i would love to watch you play on there


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