These ARK 2 Weapons Look Amazing! – ARK 2 Weapons, Enemies and Biome Concepts

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These ARK 2 Weapons Look Amazing! – ARK 2 Weapons, Enemies and Biome Concepts W/ SYNTAC
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42 thoughts on “These ARK 2 Weapons Look Amazing! – ARK 2 Weapons, Enemies and Biome Concepts”

  1. Those bone swords get very realistically be from a theri, large sharp claws long enough to be fitted as a weapon

    Another one is that allosaurus club thing, I say club but I don't actually think it is, it could be from a smaller similar looking dino but that could be a trap of sorts that swings down and bludgeons them, the teeth would certainly cause some pretty bad cuts

  2. what if there was like npc tribes that u can raid for loot, like Conan exiles. Also I just don't want stone the metal teir, I want like copper, bronze then metal teir. ALSO A BETTER BUILDING SYSTEM. i have a bad cold right now, that made me to feel a bit better about myself.

  3. 0:52 There are forward curving swords, most famously the Falx employed by the Dacians and the Romphaia of the Bastarnae (Both tribes living in eastern Europe that were conquered by the Romans). The Falx was actually much bigger, almost halfway to a polearm.
    This one seems to be made out of an entire Therizinosaurus finger.

  4. I don't think there will be any implants because they where translators that where grown in the bodies on the ark's. there would be no reason to have the implants. I know they where in the trailer and I understand it from Santiago but not from his kid(maybe already born on the colony ship).

  5. Here is something that I personally would love, if on the ark 2 planet you could find and put together the last remnants of HLN-A. But then again, for me I also think that the last speech that HLN-A gives you signifys the end of the Homo Deus…

  6. Also something from pre history is that with obsidian spears when used against large creatures like mammoths and the like the strategy was to shove the spear as far into them as you could and snap the obsidian blade inside the animal to make it bleed out, hello 1 time use spears that cause bleed?


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