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  1. Very well done, Firesolved! We love your mod and I know you won't take full credit because Syntac gave you the idea, but you still do amazing work. The mod is well executed and maintained and you're always quick to answer questions and problem solve. 🙂

    I've been playing Ark for 6 years and my favorite critter has to be the Otter (but Megatheriums are a close second). What I'm most looking forward to with Ark 2 is a potential lack of tek stuff–I like the more primitive gameplay.

  2. Hey! Thank you very much for this amazing mod!
    You did an amazing job with this mod and you deserve the 200K subs.
    I've been playing ARK since 2015, and I have more than 11K hours in the game.
    My favorite creature is Ankylo! It's a great creature! Very strong, and it can harvest many useful resources!
    For ARK 2, I'm most looking forward to the new story, and the crossplay ability with mods!
    Good luck to everyone in the giveaway.
    If I win, you can contact me on the social media linked on my about page.

  3. Glad to see you've returned at last! Hoping to see some more mods from you as well. As for the epic giveaway, I've been playing ARK since February 2020 (although I wanted to play it for years before it, I just didn't have any consoles that could run it or a good enough pc until then), my favorite creature is probably the rock drake (although it's in close competition with the reaper and ice titan), and I'm really hoping for better and more realistic dinosaur AI in ARK 2!

  4. such a great mod, thank you so much for actually going through and making it (surprising nobody did it before)
    favorite dino? definitely the Gasbags. I'm looking forward to the new UE5 devkit for Ark 2, personally lol

  5. I've been playing since litterally the beginning, my favourite dino is obviously the giga, op everywhere since its release and I just hope Ark 2 is really Ark version 2 and not a complete different game with just the name "ARK"

  6. Thanks for making this incredible mod, it is small but helps so much. I bought ARK in 2016 and have 735 hours of playtime, but I actively play it for a year. In this time, the Thylacoleo and the Argentarvis (I Player live 90% of the time on The Island) became my favourite creatures. For ARK 2 I am looking for a nice realistic graphic and a better taming system than just knocking things out (like the newer dinos have like the Carcharodontosaurus). Also I hope they will make it, that the walking animations of the creatures will match the ground better.

  7. Man, I started playing Ark on and off again since I believe 2016. This year I started consistently playing again and If you're asking purely just dinos my favorite is the Yuty. The fuzziest rex you ever did see. But overall tame probably the Shadowmane or Snow owls. I can't wait to see the updated models for Ark 2. That all aside, I really like the convenience of this mod and the idea that you heard the idea and just kinda made it is awesome. Coding is annoying in any context. Kudos to you!

  8. You have a awesome mod here I appreciate that you fix the level cap issue my friend uses it on his cluster of four servers congratulations on 200k subscribers to your mod

  9. Hello Firesolved. Great mod btw. been really helping out with crafting boosts. I played ark back in 2018 on a pvp server and did not really enjoy the ark pvp to much so i quit playing. Then after about a year a buddy of mine asked me to play pve ark with him which was much more enjoyable. However things didn't work out when our third member kept getting our dinos killed. Lately i have been playing on with a few friends and it has become a much more enjoyable experience. I would have to say that my favorite animal in Ark is the Managarmr. I have only ever played the island and extinction maps. And the managarmr has yet to be beat as far as saying anything is cooler imo.

  10. I've been playing ark since it's first release on Xbox early access and have been there to experience all the bumps in the road that wildcard has either fixed or left alone, my favorite dino has got to be the diplocaulus just because it reminds me of my pet axolotls my wife and I use to have. The biggest thing I'm expecting from ark 2 is hopefully to have some interactive nocs like Conan. Anyways thanks for the mod man it's been very helpful since I've been on the server.

  11. Niceu update. Ive been playing ARK on and off since it released on PS4 (2017) then transitioned to PC in 2020. My favorite creature would be the Rock Drake since Aberration was released on PS4. The thing I want the most in ARK 2 would probably be more building options or to have a cool mutations system.


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