Tek in ARK 2! Return of the Titans? ARK Community News

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41 thoughts on “Tek in ARK 2! Return of the Titans? ARK Community News”

  1. I'm really curious about Ark 2 and what it gonna be !Also how genesis 2 will maybe connect to ark 2 ? Or if they simply just pick a different world/setup.

    I'm sorry ,but i dont understand the complains about the Tek stuff ( own ark for half a year so far and wasnt on any pvp servers etc) . I mean for pvp i can understand it kinda , but on the pve aspect i dont really , because like you dont really need it at all ? it's just there and you can ignore it .

    i personally think ,that structure s+ mod makes tek surely usefull ,but other than that for pve atleast its not that special ? maybe its about the boss fights , because the rewards are heavily focused towards tek and dont give any "usefull" for a primitive playthrough except tons of chitin from Broodmother ?

    But then again for both gamemodes. You could simply disable it and play it without tek ? or find a server ,that has something like that.

    Also I heard peoples complaining about tek doesnt fit the game lore etc,which is kinda strange ,since the lore and notes are kinda based on it or did people simply ignores obelisks and never paid attention to them ? Or what about your Implant ?

    Anyways. I'm curious what are peoples problem with tek as i said for PVP i can understand it ,since its a huge unfair advantage in certain situations.For Pve however i cant really see it as something bad.It gives more variation to traveling kinda and vibing the future stuff.

  2. As a fan of the monsterverse I’d be kinda mad to see a behemoth knockoff the only Titan in extinction that wasn’t original was the king Titan and even that wasn’t much of a Godzilla knockoff especially the alpha version

  3. RP(Role play) when I use to enjoy it on MySpace back when that was popular most people did and still do it more often then other styles is erotic RP 🤦‍♀️ I could never find anyone who would do an adventure without the naughty stuff coming up and way too often interfering with the story. So I got bored of RP because of that. No one wanted action adventure period they wanted adult content and you just have no idea how old the person is on the other side of the message which could get you into legal troubles and I was not willing to deal with that.

  4. If we get titans in Ark 2 we damn well better put some money in the budget for Godzilla to be in there I mean we basically got the bootleg version already of him and Kong with The King Titan and Megapithicus respectively

  5. Also we absolutely and I can't keep saying it enough need more focus on player to player and npc style stuff in Ark 2 like I wanna be able to smash a primal badass monster queen one minute and have a beer and sandwich on my mosa-back house on the beach the next and I want the beer and sandwich to have an actual model instead of a png like I basically want everything you can do in Ark but made more realistic like when you drink beer there's an actual beer in your hands or when you eat or cook something you see it cook that's what I want Ark 2 to get right from the jump

  6. I mean dinos and prehistoric stuff is ok, but for me ark is greates with Tek and Element and it's huge part of story and gameplay. Sequel without it would be sequel without main unique thing ark 1 had


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