Scorched Map UPDATE, PAID Creatures & Content, RIP ARK 2?

More updates from the ARK ExtraLife charity stream and some clarification on my previous video. Scorched Earth is getting some big map updates, paid content coming for all maps including creatures, and does all of this spell the end of ARK 2?

Roadmap details:

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30 thoughts on “Scorched Map UPDATE, PAID Creatures & Content, RIP ARK 2?”

  1. Lol are there actually people who thought Ark 2 was ever in the works at all?

    3 years later and all we have seen is 2 fully CGI trailers and a bunch of meaningless concept art. We have yet to see a single frame of actual gameplay. It baffles me every time people are shocked to learn the game is being delayed yet again, or when it goes unmentioned entirely; what made you even think the game was in active development 💀

    At this point, I dont even expect the animated series to release; I fully expect them to sit on it indefinitely because they made the idiotic decision of waiting until after it was done to find a publisher, ehich they still dont have after an entire year.

  2. I have nothing against additional payments for new content, since ASE there are many people who never paid for the expansions, those people only had THE ISLAND map and could access maps with almost all paid creatures like GEN 1 and GEN 2 thanks to Fjordur and Lost Island, so they don't need to buy something if they don't want to, they will still have everything by stealing it from another player in PVP.

    All new content, especially creatures are welcome for me.

    About ARK 2, I have no interest in the game, so as long as they keep developing and improving ASA I'm happy.

  3. This all great and I am quite excited but……

    Someone needs to fix the single player saving glitch….. It’s nasty and I’d like wildcard to atleast tell us their working on it… 🙁

  4. How are they gonna do an exclusive dino on a map everyone has access to? I guess they could make the saddle a DLC paywalled engram or make it a DLC restricted passive tame, but that seems absurd to me.

  5. This game was always meant to be a money grabber, The DLC'S are only free due to the backlash it would otherwise cause with the community. I think everyone knows what road we'll go down when we talk about " paid dino's " slowly but surely ark will become more similar to a mobile game playform, Basically, Buyable shit.

  6. Why do even foreign companies associate deserts with the American West circa the mid 1800s? Why not camels and sheiks? There are supposed to be many people throughout history that have been part of the Ark experiment, but all we ever get is Western society technology and themes. Games just released: My Time At Sandrock and Steam World. Do video game executives meet in secret and decide what era games should focus on for the next few years? It's always in waves. cyberpunk, dieselpunk, vikings, now the American West circa mid 1800s. Who are these people that decide what theme is going to dominate the video game market?

  7. Ok wtf I bought ase and all the dlcs played the shit out of pvp then asa came out and there trying to make me pay again for it. This is getting to be a joke because I have to have all maps for pvp just to be on a fair playing field ffs 🤦‍♂️

  8. I really like that they are revamping scorched. It was probably the most forgotten map. Don’t know how I feel about the extra packs though. The trains and new creature alongside fasolosichus are cooler but I can’t see them being worth over $15

  9. I’m having an absolute blast playing my single player file on PS5 without tweaking a single thing and playing the game at base value and I am buying every single dlc ever. It’s really damn good.

  10. Just beating the Manticore alone to ascend on SE is already lore accurate in itself. What they're probably going to do is add that area Helena and Rockwell went to when they left for Aberration. Hopefully they also give the caves a makeover because the one on SE are nice looking but too easy. People should wait and see on the theme packs.

  11. I think it is cool if they bring in cosmetic DLC and if you want it you can pay for it. People have no need to cry about it.. If you don't want to pay for it then don't have it.. Just for the love of all that is holy don't bring a battlepass.. please.. 😪😪😪😪


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