Raiders of the Lost Ark 2 Year Anniversary Rewatch

Thank you to everyone whose tuned in over the past two years!!! To celebrate we are going back to the beginning with Raiders of the Lost Ark with a slew of guest. Again, thank you everyone for two amazing years!!! #johnwilliams #indianajones #Harrisonford #livestream #soundtracks #filmscores


2 thoughts on “Raiders of the Lost Ark 2 Year Anniversary Rewatch”

  1. Many, many congratulations Daniel! I first encountered you on the Scores and Soundtracks FB group, which led you to invite me on one of your Rewatch shows. I was like a deer in headlights but, thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have done a few more since then and started my own YouTube channel. Having been allowed to be part of your shows and soundtrack community has allowed me to grow more confident in this YouTube Universe. Your channel has gone from strength to strength. At the beginning of last year you had about 50-60 subscribers; you now have over 300! The list of shows you produce is ever growing. I’m proud to be a fixture on ‘The Batman Show’ and to have been interviewed for ‘Score Talk’.
    I’m also proud to call you my friend.
    Long may Soundtracks With Birdman Reign!


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