IS ARK 2 COMING OUT THIS YEAR!?!?!? The Good, The Bad, and The Truth….

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This will show IS ARK 2 COMING OUT THIS YEAR!?!?!? The Good, The Bad, and The Truth….

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24 thoughts on “IS ARK 2 COMING OUT THIS YEAR!?!?!? The Good, The Bad, and The Truth….”

  1. Honestly ascended turning into ark 2 would be crazy but not a bad idea or completely unrealistic either. It could honestly revive the franchise at such a level and make the meta fantastic! But I’d just be happy if they could work on each map and finish it nicely like they did with scorched and work on the maps like you said like every month or 2 with the release of new things in between. Honestly wild card is on much better track and seems to actually be active with fixing some of the things with asa and not taking long. So i am excited to see what happens with the entire game to be honest.

  2. A quick contradiction to your point about the fact that since we haven't heard anything about the center is why it's likely going to be delayed. We did just get Scorched Earth and they quite literally waited until the last moment to drop the trailer so they could still hit that June 3rd date if we're going to be optimistic. Definitely staying skeptical though

  3. I think Ragnarok will be delayed because the original creature vote, the magaraptor, is a moot point since they released it for the island. They need to do a new creature vote and they haven't. If they were releasing Rag in September they would probably be doing a creature vote right now for that map. Since no vote is occurring I think that map will be delayed.

  4. We better hope they continue ASA production after Ark 2 releases cause the Soleslike lockon PvP game they are talking about in Ark 2 is not going to be a game everyone that likes ASE and ASA.

  5. Really don't care. Originally ASA was supposed to be a free upgrade to all existing ASE owners. But then they got greedy and decided not only to charge everyone $60 for what was to be a free upgrade, but then shut down ALL support for ASE basically forcing anyone who wished to still play Ark to fork over money. F*ck them.

  6. They can't develop one game correctly. I can't even play Scorched without crashing. 44 bucks for an icon on my home screen. They need to shelve Ark 2 and focus on fixing and getting the maps done for ASA. Wild Card does not have the competency to work on 2 games.

  7. I picked up this game for the first time a month ago and can someone explain to me why it is so few people talk about the horrible pathing whenever you've got dinos on follow?
    They get stuck on eachother constantly, they crowd and immobilize you despite follow distance on far soon as you stop, you take them to caves its a constant struggle to unstuck the dinos and in some cases the only viable option is to kill them rather then get them out, you go to a boss fight after weeks of preparation and the first thing they do is walk off into lava, fall through the world, or then you fall through the world… You ask a dino to come to you from 10 yards away in your base with nothing in between and the dino ends up stuck on a wall 50 yards furter away… I mean come on guys the game is 10 years old and the behaviour of npcs vs world is that of an early alpha access. How is everyone just cool with this? Its not even a difficult thing to fix(or atleast so I hear from devs who work with unreal engine), just a tedious one.
    People talking about remastering and Ark 2 etc while a game about controlling and commanding dinos behave this poorly for 10 years.. I dont get this playerbase. How is this not a major talking point?

  8. I'm not giving Snail or Wild Card one damn penny more, Teach. And shame on you for encouraging others to prop up that $hit show.

    No ASA, no Ark II, no Animated Series. NOTHING

  9. Love yer content Teach, but until ASA can be run by the minimum requirements it will never garner the player count the Devs/Pubs are needing to stay afloat. Its just a fact the game is still after long long months of development a unoptimized mess. You cannot blame UE5, as there are numerous titles that run UE5 and are just as intensive as ASA that actually run, and run well. Keep on teaching amigo.

  10. Your a bit off about SOTF. The game mode was VERY popular on release and was a lot of fun. Never given any reason, it was gutted and then dropped all together. The island wasnt and still isnt running 100% which made this game mode almost unplayable. They then removed the boss's right before killing it. People were playing and streaming and making content with SOTF and Im pretty sure that it would take off again if given a working game. Once again shoddy worked and rushed content bit ASA in the A@@, pushing people back to ASE and with the machine requirements for ASA being the barrier for most people, I dont know that it can change anytime soon. People keep forgetting about the mass of people who want to but still cant even play ASA.


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