Preparing For Ark 2 With Elden Ring…

Ark 2 is slowly approaching and we are all excited to play it, so I prepped for it by playing Elden Ring.

If you play this and Ark until Ark 2 is released you’ll definitely be ready.

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32 thoughts on “Preparing For Ark 2 With Elden Ring…”

  1. How can you compare Elden Ring to Ark 2? That makes no sense. Ark 2 will have Dinosaurs and you can respawn without taking a major loss. I played Elden Ring by game sharing with my cous. 2 days playing I deleted it. When you die in Elden Ring you lose all your currency. If you die again when attempting to get those back, you'll lose all that currency. You might as well play PVP in Ark to get ready for Ark 2. That makes more sense. You do you but I'll use the common sense way with my brain by playing PVP.


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