New Dinos CONFIRMED for Ark 2! Bad News?? #arksurvivalevolved #ark2

2 Dinos were just confirmed for Ark 2!
The new concept art for the Brachiosaurus and Stegosaurus looks great IMO. 🙂


4 thoughts on “New Dinos CONFIRMED for Ark 2! Bad News?? #arksurvivalevolved #ark2”

  1. The Brachi is kinda sorta technically already in Ark 1 as an officially available skin for the Bronto during certain holiday events. I picked up a couple of them during the half dozen New Year's loot drops a few weeks ago.

  2. I feel like a lot of the old dinos will make an appearance in ark 2, of course I also expect them to leave out the mythical creatures and the creatures that aren't dinosaurs, I do see them adding dinos like Carnos, rexes, argens, trikes, etc and not changing much about them, like Anks and dodics are prob still only resource dinos


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