NEW Automatic Turret Filler Ammo Box Details! Server Crash? Sequel Minimap? ARK Community News

We look at the Automatic Ammo Distrubtion Box and how game changing it’s going to be in ARK Survival Evolved Genesis 2, with a possible new ammo type reveall! A look at the server crashes yesterday and a possible minimap coming to ARK 2!

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“Mini Maps In RPGs are More Important than You Think!” by Click4Gameplay

ARK Official Server Outage Report


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35 thoughts on “NEW Automatic Turret Filler Ammo Box Details! Server Crash? Sequel Minimap? ARK Community News”

  1. "What is that in the middle" – It looks like Element Shards, Possibly Converted(?). The Wiki does say that Element Shards are the TEK Bows ammo type (Curious how they got this) So I'm willing to believe the Ammo box feeds the TEK Bow ammo

  2. the whole thing of people wanting the game more primitive is probably mostly pvp based, in pve tek gear is one of the big things to grind for and makes the game so fun. it would get too boring too fast without tek in pve

  3. Also, I don't think a minimap will add a whole lot to the game. It's quite easy to get your bearings once you've played the map a bit. A compass like skyrim would be nicer IMO

  4. Nice my single player game deleted itself for the 6th fucking time in the 3 months I have been playing this is bull shit in the 40 years I have been gamming this shit has never happened

  5. A skyrim-style compass at the top of the screen for Ark 2 would be nice. It's simple yet also effective for navigation. I'd personally prefer that over a minimap.

  6. I think it would be great if you could turn on or off the mini map.
    Like in terraria you are able to turn them on or off and change the style.
    I would love to get it soon. Sounds so helpful.
    I’ve had no problems from the server save thing bud I think that’s because I’m playing single.
    I’m not completely sure if that changes it?

  7. I think the problem with the server outage is that there's no communication on the issues. I lost everything in upload during the time they turned off the ark data after servers were up. A message on servers/discord/twitter/anything saying they were going to disable upload/download in 15 min would have saved a lot of people. Additionally they need to make the upload last 2 days to avoid this issue or implement a way to extend things in upload if there's an issue.

  8. I am strongly against minimaps and hope Ark II won't have one. They just take focus from the actual game and give you more knoledge than you would normaly have.

    Why would I watch out when the minimap tells me there is no danger?
    Also minimaps take away from exploring and memorizing. I think it is a great thing that you have to explore a new environment and get better at navigating it the more time you spend in it.
    This is also what I meant with taking away to focus. If you are in a new environment you have two options when there is a minimap.

    1. Try to find a way yourself
    -might be slow
    -you may have to try a few times
    -you may not choose the optimal path
    -but you get to enjoy the environment and explore it so you will memorize it and know the best path in the future
    2. Just look at the minimap
    -You find the optimal path
    -you are the quickest
    -but you don't get to enjoy the environment and you will have to rely on the minimap in the future

    I think it is a great experience when you explore for yourself because only then you can enjoy the true beauty but why would you bother if you have to get somewhere quick? This also takes away from the strugge.

  9. Yeah me and a friend own a DayZ server on Nitrado and we also got hit yesterday, I thought it was just because of the patch that the DayZ team had put up at the same time, but the server stayed down for another half an hour after it, heard from other groups that some servers have been down for 12 to 15 hours


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