NEW ARK Ultimate Edition! Carniflora & Genesis 2 Creature Details! ARK 2 Delay? ARK Community News

We look at the new ARK Ultimate Edition, new details on the Carniflora, Shadowmane & Noglin and how game changing they are going to be in ARK Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2! And A look at the Unreal 5 trailer and a possible delay to ARK 2. As well as the big livestream for new reveals today!

⏩ NEW Gen 2 Reveals Coming! Livestream

⏩ Carniflora Details

⏩ Noglin Details

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00:00 Introduction
00:26 Livestream Incoming
01:16 Carniflora
02:49 Shadowmane & Noglin
04:53 ARK 2 on Unreal 5
06:48 ARK Ultimate Edition

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26 thoughts on “NEW ARK Ultimate Edition! Carniflora & Genesis 2 Creature Details! ARK 2 Delay? ARK Community News”

  1. Update Quick note. Nekatus got in touch to confirm the carnivorous details were screenshots from the aberration dev kit. My apologies for assuming it was related to the carniflora.

  2. Not gonna lie I got chills at the end with that highlight reel.

    Also, I think the federation crop plot picture could be the carniflora cause if you look at it the seedling(I don’t know what else to call it) looks like it splits and the end and the the carniflora has two branches(pods?) so maybe?
    Regardless I’m still pretty pumped for Gen 2!!

  3. hey great video so they are using unreal 5 the part that makes me nerveus is the fact on how ark 1 runs okay it's 5 but you actually need to optimize it nerveus for that part since my ryzen 7 and rtx 2060 locks on 30 fps in genesis for some reason

  4. Hey just a heads up, since yesterday it seems like a lot of people (including myself) can't play ark at at all. There's quite a few people on the forums with similar issues and no word from WC yet. For me, it just trys to connect forever then gives me a connection timeout.

  5. Hey, guys, what if the tentacle plant isn't an advantageous crop at all, but instead some sort of weed that grows in crop plots and attacks you? Rockwell adds danger to farming. He coming for your potatoes!

  6. Why are nobody talking about nitrado adding the new server option to level up flyer movement speed? Dont know if it works right, but it is there.


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