My Top 10 Ark1 Creatures I want in ark2

My Top 10 Ark1 Creatures I want in ark2
An in in depths look at my Top 10 Creatures i would love to see in ark 2 !
Agree with my list? Don’t agree with my list ? what are your picks ? let me know in the comments!
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6 thoughts on “My Top 10 Ark1 Creatures I want in ark2”

  1. This list is great, my list would probably be
    10. Terror Bird
    9. Argentavis
    8. Triceratops
    7. Ankylosaurus
    6. Mammoth
    5. Direwolf/Sabertooth
    4. Thylacoleo
    3. Iguanadon
    2. Stegosaurus
    1. Pachyrhinosaurus


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