Little Nightmares 2 is a PREQUEL Or a SEQUEL? – Little Nightmares 3 & DLC in HINDI || Vk Creative

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45 thoughts on “Little Nightmares 2 is a PREQUEL Or a SEQUEL? – Little Nightmares 3 & DLC in HINDI || Vk Creative”

  1. My theory
    Agar ye sequel hai to six next ( new) lady hogi kyuki uska name six hai iska matalab ye ho sakta hai ki jo pehele lady thi vo five (5) thi aur ye bhi ho sakta hai little nightmares 3 me koi 7 ho ye bhi ho sakta hai but ye theory hai meri

  2. Bro the lady is six hai aur thin man mono hai aur time loop se dusri six aur dusra mono aake vo thin man ko maarenge aur phir six mono ko betrayed karke phir six maw jaake apne aap ko maaregi ese time loop hote rahe ga

  3. the whole world is in endless time loop in which mono is the thin man and in the secret ending the shadow of six tell to go in maw so it prooves that it is prequal. and when mono becomes the thin man another small mono comes again to save six…… it is a time loop.

  4. DLC is sequal or prequal i am confused i think dlc in not sequal or prequal it contain same u know in dlc we play as a seven a boy and six eat him so dlc and litthle nighmares one are in same time
    Am i right ?

  5. Mai Janna chahti thi ki kya little nightmare 2 ka DLC aayega …


    Kya mono hi wo lamba sa Admi hai jisse mono ne khud apni power se ladai Kiya tha … Aaise to bahut questions hai per filhaal aap ye bata dijiye … Or little nightmare mei jab six ek kamre mei jaati hai to waha ek chair laga Hota hai or ek Admi ka per dikh rha hota hai …. Jesa mono uss chair per baitha tha or usse bada hote hue dikhaya gya tha….. To kya wo jiska pair Hume Little nightmare mei dekha tha wo uss lambe Admi ka tha ….. 😐😐Bahut questions hai aap bas Etna bata dijiye…….

  6. Guys main question is who start this loop and where he is now I play very little nightmare and our main potegenes in little nightmare is he start that all because when he die than our six go to mainland or to maw because when we escape to forest that wood plane was similar to six go to maw or he come to the forest 🤔 this is my t


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