Is it Finally Happening?

ARK Survival Ascended News. ARK Mods, Nekatus works for Nitrado, Animated TV for UK and Live Action? ARK 2 news incoming!

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I like to PvP, and PvE. Usually wearing an Exo Suit nowadays. Unlocking it is easy with no cheats needed anymore, and usually on a server, official or unofficial, I’m not fussed. Single Player is great though, certainly with a guide for any platform be it xbox, ps4, ps5, pc, it’s great. Sometimes play MTS, and usually post patch/update. But a survival game needs some community news and that’s what I do, giving you the latest on events, small tribes, maybe even fast flyers and primitive plus, usually covering all maps from Island to Genesis Part 2. And one day. ARK 2!

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37 thoughts on “Is it Finally Happening?”

  1. neddy did a better job at the ark story i dont care about Helena's back story i wanted her researching dinos and trying to survive. i didnt want today's political/social problems in my entertainment . i watch to get away from the real world for a short time .

  2. Here is an actual thought, you pay for the new maps…but you like official…none of your progress actually transfers to that because there isn’t any official servers on those maps. What’s up with that?

  3. Raas has some mad work ethic, I've got great respect to him, but I sometimes worry he'll run ragged with his pace. I hope he knows to take breaks or slow it down every once in a while.

  4. I think them adding mods to console was there excuse not to add anything really substantial to the base game themselves… what I thought was a blessing might end up a curse sadly.

  5. After seeing the series I truly don’t trust the creators to not butcher their own IP trying to cut corners to adapt it. They needed to fire their writers, not invest so much in big name actors and invest more in animation.
    Critical Role didn’t do it perfectly, but their game adaption into animation was done FAR better than Wild Card’s was imo.

  6. BuzzLiteBeer/MrAIThumbnails doesn't care if he read it wrong, he got the views out of it, which he wanted all along. It was very easy to understand that ASA isn't being terminated. ASE wasn't terminated. It's still working just fine on unofficial servers. Why on Earth would ASA their new baby be terminated before ASE?

  7. Crunch is no good cause there's nothing good going on rn on asa. Wc further breaking the game, wc not doing anything about the cheaters from what they've said in the tickets. Let's face it, there's nothing good going for asa. Scorched didn't bring back much players and old content isn't enough to hold people over a month, there's so many problems and I know too well that people don't want to return if those problems are still there. They're not banning or removing the transferred content cheaters brought over most likely because they don't want to lose any more players. Been playing ark since 2016, they've always been consumer hostile but it's so much worse now. They have no passion, whatsoever

  8. Lol ark 2 will be released so they dont have to devolope ex gen 1 and 2 and then give it away for free so they will kill ark asa and push people to ark 2 if asa sold well they probaly would still stick with devoloping it

  9. The fact is their server hosting is lacking as they under provision their servers. If you have the ability, bandwidth and hardware sitting around you should host your own. Way less crashing, and you can provision the cpu and memory properly.

  10. meh ARK 2 being primitive, dino souls like , most likely with focus on 1-2 dinos tamed max.

    I don't see it, cause they didnt even bothered to make any more artifact caves after aberration


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