IS ARK 2 CANCELLED! Why More Paid Dlc! No Animated Series Release? Cryopods Incoming!

IS ARK 2 CANCELLED! Scorched Earth Paid Dlc! No Animated Series Release still? Cryopods Incoming!
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44 thoughts on “IS ARK 2 CANCELLED! Why More Paid Dlc! No Animated Series Release? Cryopods Incoming!”

  1. Feeling like buying ark ascended may have been a big mistake😢. Don't get me wrong it's a cool game, but as a solo player…… its currently unplayable, so many players confined to one map means you can't even get off the beach without running into an base with turrets (or plant x). No cryopods means that you have to keep all your dinos fed AND transport them to and from your base (likely THROUGH other tribes), an impossible task for a solo player, and of course BECAUSE of no cryopods, means raiding isn't as profitable, sure there's resources, but as a solo…… you're no going to be able to transport and use all that loot!!! I'm lucky I joined a tribe I previously traded with on ASE, or I'd be screwed. But even then, I'm a player who can play at most 3-4 hours a week, on ASE that's was enough, I could hide, raid and live off the loot, and eventually reach the size of alphas……… now…… I'm lucky if I even get to lvl 100 with all the note camping, cheating, bases etc Dx REALLY hoping it picks up soon

  2. I could have supported whole new map packs with new features and new dinos, but I refuse to buy individual features for old maps that I already paid for, twice. I will drop this game permanently if they start that.

  3. Ark 2 won’t be released for at least another 2 years. ASA being upgraded to UE 5 takes away from the wow factor Ark 2 would have with graphical and performance upgrade from ASE.
    Plus, it’s a profitable roadmap with new paid DLC’s. Releasing ark 2 during this roadmap would split fan base and profit.

  4. Wildcard has and always will be full of BS as one of there main promise's was that they would NEVER do micro transaction's.but now they are going to be charging us for content….that is classed as micro transactions no matter which way you look at it…and ASA is ark 2😂😂😂😂

  5. I am okay with them delaying the other maps. Especially since The Island doesn't seem finished to me. A LOT of floating rocks and pebbles, holes in the map, and just janky terrain all about. They need to go back and fix up The Island.

  6. I quit games that add FOMO, F that manipulative BS.. I quit Conan Exiles instantly when they added that shit battle pass, despite having purchased all the DLC packs.

    Never been happier to have won my ASA copy from a Streamer.

  7. Sandbox games are usually one and done,when they go for a second game it doesn’t usually do well,they know ark is successful and people want to play it,just continue the cannon and make new maps and that’s all they have to do

  8. They had to release AA earlier than expected and hence it has too much work that needs to be done asap. Diverting all hands on deck like this is to be expected. Furthermore, they have gotten into financial hot water of late.

  9. I wonder how they’ll lock out the adventure pack creature to those who don’t buy it. Hopefully at worst its just an engram for whatever’s needed to tame it instead of having a whole unneeded separate version of scorched earth map/servers that have the creatures vs not or something

  10. As soon as snail and wc release wagons and trains you’ll see how curseforgw starts banning people from making stand alone mods to replace them. Anything that is a paid item will be ineligible to be a mod otherwise snail will lose money.

  11. I'm honestly willing to give them that benefit of the doubt this as I truly think the delay is due to the combined factors of console delay and holidays I feel if console delay didn't happen the se delay wouldn't of happened

    Ark 2 delayed indefinitely

  12. Ark2 canceled? That'd be fine with me. Ark was a product of its time. Multiplayer pvp shooter with building and random loot crates coming down, It was a member of the Rust-likes. Ark2 just seems like them wanting a piece of the souls-lite pie that's fresh these days. They might have realized that by the time they get Ark2 out, there will likely be a new hottest thing.

    Not keen on paid creature dlc. Firstly, didn't they originally say, long ago, that we would be paying for new maps and not the creatures on them?
    Hypothetically, you pay for a creature, its so powerful and it's called "pay to win", then it gets nerfed because PvPers say its too strong. PvE crowd gets the nerf too because that's how these guys work.

    I'd be OK with cosmetics DLC, as long as its not stuff we had in the original game. They're working on porting the DLC maps over(for free) to the new version, I understand they need to eat too and other games (maybe featuring dwarves) have done a great job having a mix of good looking cosmetics on the store, and available for free in-game as well as free holiday skins. What I wouldn't like is Rust's style where you can buy 24 different skins for your flak chestpiece for 2.99 each.

    I love Dinosaurs and other prehistoric fauna, but I really enjoy the story generator type of game, and that's what playing this on a small private server feels like. I will likely buy the creature dlcs anyway, because i'm an impulse buyer but what if my friends want to ride my cool new guy? 😢 They might not be able to justify buying the cool scaly guy.
    They might as well have just released the DLC maps again, at a lower price but add some more content to it, keep the creatures free to use and transfer from server-to-server. But it's still early days yet, so no doomsaying from me. Scorched Earth is one of my favorite maps and I can't wait to see it with the elevated graphics. Thanks if you read this far.

  13. For some reason, I'm getting the feeling that the new dinos, i.e. Fasolasuchus for Scorched Earth, will be released with the paid dlc. Do you trust Wildcard and Snail enough not to do this?

  14. Cool, that makes it easy to move on from Ark, I've already got a better optimized version of Ark 1 in ASE and if they do end up circling back to Ark 2 it'll likely be rebooted to just being Ark 1 again which sounds pretty boring to me.

  15. Was never going to get ark 2. Just didn't sound fun to me. We all know wildcard and snail game are shady AF and will sell their grandma for a quick buck. Adventure packs at 15 to 20 lol you just know they're going to change more than that. Island map is just boring and needs bug fixes so bad the camera going inside the character being the first one….but the way Xbox must be mad ark 2 was going to be exclusive at launch right.

  16. Yeah i can guarantee they are not cancelling Ark 2 they are already broke and Microsoft paid them crazy amount to not only bring it to GP but be a console launch exclusive. MS paid them 2.5M just to put already old ASE on GP so unless Wildcard's got big fat probably 40 to 50 million check for MS you can bet it's happening and with Vin Diesel who's fan of the game just gonna throw that away to stick to a 40fps console experience no shot maybe Ark 2 is finished is was supposed to be out by now it might be with the polishing team

  17. I expect $30 for "adventure packs". They are greedy. They're looking at these as full DLC that changes the way you play. I'll probably cry a little, then give them my money.

    The problem I have, is they're probably not going to release the upgraded maps until they have the DLC money grab ready to go. So it's going to be more like 6+ months in between each map. Not 1 or 2 months. I don't understand why they still put out dates… Just say "here's the order they're coming, and it should take about 2 months to upgrade each map." They keep setting themselves up for failure.

  18. Nothing but shit maps for a year I personally dont even like rag if abberration was next would be much better, should of scrapped scorched or remade it completely knowone likes that map or is wanting a remaster usually sits at 0 players on all servers might aswell Ue5 upgrade Atlas if anything Atlas has more players than Scorched Earth

  19. Na I'll pass im not rebuying everything again only way I'll buy the dlc if all the dlc is for sale for $20…. if it's $30 per map and you have to buy em done with ark then …its old n boring its the same game with jus graphics update …there is no money to give them to go back into the game ..they dnt deserve our money for a dusty game they wasted their money on a remaster that's their fault they f*** everyone


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