Gimle VS. Ark 2 – From the Depths Battleship Battle

The From the Depths AoG Gimle battleship is completed and battles continue with the Ark 2 made by AoG Commodore MR.Panda, which will be the stronger battleship? Select your winner in comments before the battle… 1, 2, 3: To BATTLE!

★ All big battles:

★ Gimle Battleship Build Episodes:

Gimle Open Seas Build Rules:
– Naval ships or low flying airships. Your submission should work in a naval setting but cannot submerge, it also can’t fly higher than 500m if it is an airship.
– No cheese, like no 1m tetra spam filled areas for aim spoof, no internal waterpropellers or azipods, no spincliping and all those other usual cheese tactics are banned.
– Max 100K blocks
– No extreme missile or interceptor spam (hint: use mediums and not so manny smalls)
– No waterpumps or heliumpumps what so ever, like not a single one can be present on your build.
– Under 2.2 million cost: that means 2.1XXX not 2.2XXX
– Max 2 Repair Bots
– No spawners/drones/docked crafts
– No extreme subobject spam (like 200 dif guns)
– No intentional melee
– No video screens and cameras present on the battleship (the one that makes captains see when there is no windows)
– Ship can not play video our audio sources during battle. (includes YT video players etc)
– When submitting the ship, any lights and smoke generators should be switched off and not activate during the battle since they cause unnecessary lag, if you have a decorated version with interiors etc we should check out please submit one “battle version” where laggy stuff is turned off and one “parade version” that looks cool with all its lights, video players or cameras and smoke effects etc enabled and working.

Btw: if your ship lags too much I will not be able to use it. If your ship breaks the rules the battle will be cancelled.

– Deadline: Open submission.
– Ships must be submitted to me via Discord DM or Email, send the .blueprint file, not a workshop link.

Battle Rules:
– The battles will be best of three.
– All ships will spawn with the bow towards Gimles bow, gimle is a one sider, but it still spawns nose to nose, make your ship manouverable enough to avoid a collission. This rule is because the ships will close in on eachother and that is much more entertaining than far away orbiting battles (thanks Menti!), if you want that, spend on manouverabillity and speed, because you are not getting optimal orbit for free.
– Given 500K materials.
– You need to be able to win within 15 minutes of ingame time per battle.


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8 thoughts on “Gimle VS. Ark 2 – From the Depths Battleship Battle”

  1. I have to wonder if he tested against the AI builds that're CRAM-heavy, because with that number of LAMS you could probably deal with the not-as-optimized shells the computer throws at you

  2. its very easy to underestimate the Gimle,,, ngl loading up the Gimle to fight your biggest baddest builds that weren't even built within the rules is a humbling experience 😂

  3. I like seeing the armour cost % a lot in these vids. I'm not the most experienced player so sometimes I have difficulty judging how much weaponry is on the ship (for example the turrets on this ship are tiny). Seeing that it is 40% armour cost lets me know immediately that it is putting a hell of a lot of focus into tanking hits.


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