Gentle Legato in Metropolis Ark 2 – Strings (Orchestral Tools)

0:00 All Sections
0:32 Strings High Legato
1:03 Strings Mid Legato
1:34 Strings Low Legato
2:07 All Sections

With all the buzz around Berlin Symphonic Strings, I wanted to see what good old Ark 2 could do with legato. This is a short legato excerpt from high strings, mid strings and low strings legato patches in Kontakt version of Orchestral Tools’ Metropolis Ark 2, Orchestra of the Deep.

I was particularly impressed with how big and round the low strings sound. There might be a few volume bumps here and there but nothing too egregious. Anything noticeable might be solved with better mod wheel and/or expression control.

The music was written for the outro of a recent video, and the phrasing & timing work with the other audio/visual elements.

Not sure why the screen looks so glitchy, possibly a frame rate error during conversion.


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