Every ARK 2 Dinosaur confirmed so far! – OP TRIKE – Chameleon – Brachiosaurus?!

Every ARK 2 Dinosaur confirmed so far! – OP TRIKE – Chameleon – Brachiosaurus?

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22 thoughts on “Every ARK 2 Dinosaur confirmed so far! – OP TRIKE – Chameleon – Brachiosaurus?!”

  1. Ok yes.
    But what creatures are new you did not mention the lizard Creatures that actually live on that planet so that is two the Chameleon and lizard creatures what is between them ❤️❤️❤️

  2. What if while being non tech or primitive we still get to do alot of the same things but it has more to do with tames. Like resources produced by tames or from killing them. Perhaps more of a monster hunter approach where many more amor and weapons are craftable but require beasty bits to make.

  3. You know how the snow owl, velo and gacha have that black corruption with blue glowing bits on them? I want to see a dino that is comprised mostly if not entirely of all that highly detailed corruption. It would have to have an attack we've and other abilities we have yet to see. Also other than a unique skin it should have a unique shape. Maybe like a six legged dragon type animal or an eight legged horse not sure maybe eyes like a chameleon or it's head/jaws could split open like a tremors graboid or something… In short I just want to see something new and alien.

  4. I want iguandon and baryonyx but only if they ride and function exactly the same as in Ark 1. And repace the anky with a euoplocephalus PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE IT WALK FASTER!

  5. Dinos I cannot see being left out

    Therizino & Megatherium depends or different ancestors of them.

    Also I think a cool way to improve the rex is to allow it to get faster while sprinting and after sprinting its secondary attack will be very dangerous, the Rex will spin around doin a tail swipe with and dangerous head swing, grabbing on dinosaurs smaller than it, the rex then throws them and launched through the air , the rider and the mount are launched, any items within the area will do more damage. These structures are rocks, trees, and structures. Theyre also left with a 4sec speed debuff and bleed because of the rex biting on them with its powerful jaws and spitting them out with its sharp dangerous teeth.


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