ARK: Your Neighbor! | ARK 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 X from MOD

if you mod ini by your self
these no new
#unofficial #server
mod: stack items, view stats, boost weight stat, online points, …
all seem good?
until find:
– no Bronto so tame Stego
– Wyvern very low level so steal eggs in nest
and with troll
+ lot of stup*d ovis for free raw mutton
– no mod beacon and crate so loot cave still deep in sh*t
and with troll
+ all workbench up ~1000 slots for craft
#boss #team
BOSS: alpha Queen
+ deino ok, but server pvpve troll
– tek rex and bp saddle, no in plan
+ placed by Rock Golem with bp saddle from beacon air drop, ~ up 70 armor
same map find bp saddle deino, Valguero map
them good hp, att and immune with breath of wyvern
so them good tanker and enough for clean minion
next troll: no boost spawn wyvern in nest
very hard to hunt alpha blood
no plan back these unofficial server
lot of mod for entry
but all like a lite of normal entry
no focus animals for BOSS
or focus super dangerous animals anywhere
just turn on PVP in PVE
and sh*t animals from pair map
#free and #pair
travel animal: wyvern vs mana
gather metal: anky vs magma
elements: poor crystal vs rich extinction

but breed wyvern very fun
them easy raise
no worry missing hatch eggs time (live ~ 2 days)
no worry farm food each hours (live ~ 2 days)
just put few stack crystal in them
no worry spoiled food (them eat when adult)

basic: no pay money for burn life or lot of bug
#login #official #server
only for gather food for them
#film #sleep
how can you have good live when no film and sleep?
don’t talk about s*x when in ark!

# Survival Game
Minecraft + ARK Survival Evolved + Crystal Isles
Utopia Origin
+ 20 Subscriber
# Dos
1. Linux Ubuntu OS | GNOME DE:
2. Linux Mint OS | Cinnamon DE:
# Windows + Mac + Linux
1. DaVinci Resolve:
2. Audacity:
3. Gimp:
4. OBS


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