ARK: What Will ARK 2 Look Like?

this: test gameplay, very boring
result for next change island map
#note 1
if too much animals
must hunt most of them
and very waste time for them
result: set reduce wild animal to min
#note 2
real effects
set never respawn animals
#note 3
1st limit time
2nd list task
are you remember your yesterday?
#empty #sleep

# Survival Game
Minecraft + ARK Survival Evolved + Crystal Isles
Utopia Origin
+ 20 Subscriber
# Dos
1. Linux Ubuntu OS | GNOME DE:
2. Linux Mint OS | Cinnamon DE:
# Windows + Mac + Linux
1. DaVinci Resolve:
2. Audacity:
3. Gimp:
4. OBS


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