ARK GENESIS 2 Reveals/Gen 2 Wont Be Last Map For Ark 1! Another Free Map! Ark 2 Release Hints!

new info on ark adding another free map as official after gen 2! plus why i think we wont see ark launch till end of 2022! and all teh reveals from last night ark survival evolved genesis 2 twitch interview
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18 thoughts on “ARK GENESIS 2 Reveals/Gen 2 Wont Be Last Map For Ark 1! Another Free Map! Ark 2 Release Hints!”

  1. Only just started playing Ark properly, in spite of buying it when it first released. I'm so addicted! I just got a raptor who is my absolute favourite thing in the game. He's saved my skin so many times out-running and dodging more dangerous creatures XD. So glad there are lots of maps to explore 😁

  2. I've been extremely excited for Gen 2 sadly it didn't release on my birthday we had a military server planned out for everything little bit of RP PVP but the delay hit but I'm still hyped

  3. Primitive Plus please, I'm on console (PS5) and would love to play that. Also wouldn't say no to another map. One idea, how about Mods built in as in Skyrim… Please please n pretty please. Ark will become a Classic I tell ya.

  4. i dont understand why game devs reveal a game soooo damn far before release?
    by the time ark 2 comes out im not gonna give a shit about it anymore because i waited too long

  5. Yup, I'd trade tek and a new map for a proper primitive style mod on consoles. Definitely think by the way they call it a net projectile you're right about it just being ammo for the speargun (maybe they'll do an xl net for the ballista?) though they mentioned a netgun in an update back in Feb 2019 too so maybe this is just using up things they never implemented before, like some of those random things you could spawn after extinction came out. Definitely hyped for the final part of paid dlc but atm I have the phrase 'artistic license' echoing round my mind looking at all those pictures…. Don't do it again wildcard, it was not funny before and won't get funny now

  6. Jesse said Gen 2 is the "last planned paid DLC" and I feel that is very deliberate. If Ark 1 retains its playerbase through the early access release and development of Ark 2, we could very well see an additional canon DLC down the road at some point. At the very least, I'm sure we'll see a couple non-canon DLC maps become official content on the road ahead.

  7. I heard you say that you would prefer a new game mode over a new map. That's exactly what we got with Gen 1. Genesis part 1 completely flipped the script and introduced tons of new game mechanics. The majority of people that I know did not like Gen 1. (I'm not speaking for everyone. Just my friends and the randoms that I play with on official.) I think that it would be better if Wildcard released a non-story map that has unique biomes that we could explore.


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