ARK 2 Wood Tier! 2 DLCs for ARK Remaster?? ARK Community News

ARK Survival Evolved News! New look at ARK 2 wood tier structures and creatures, ark survival ascended second dlc, small tribes and hulk memorial.



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I like to PvP, and PvE. Usually wearing an Exo Suit nowadays. Unlocking it is easy with no cheats needed anymore, and usually on a server, official or unofficial, I’m not fussed. Single Player is great though, certainly with a guide for any platform be it xbox, ps4, ps5, pc, it’s great. Sometimes play MTS, and usually post patch/update. But a survival game needs some community news and that’s what I do, giving you the latest on events, small tribes, maybe even fast flyers and primitive plus, usually covering all maps from Island to Genesis Part 2. And one day. ARK 2!

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46 thoughts on “ARK 2 Wood Tier! 2 DLCs for ARK Remaster?? ARK Community News”

  1. I can't wait to look like I've just taken drugs trying to build if it's anything like ARK's snapping "guide". One song title comes to mind, "ARK's building makes me feel like I'm on cocaine."
    Oh no, Hulk 🙁 That is terrible news. I love his mods. I hope his family is ok.

  2. I gotta be honest, the more they release, the more I hate it. The buildings look cartoonish and lack the mystery and realism of the last gamer. There’s no modern tech, no first person, the combat already sounds bad, and snail is proving that they could care less about the players. Anyone else feel this way??

  3. I don't like how pretty much everyone is no longer talking about the mass ban incident. I mean it was a big deal, still is, and combined thousands of hours just went down the drain. Something must be done about the corruption. Anyways, rant over.

  4. New building pieces – the same old code with a new skin over it. And subject to the same old building bugs and gliches and hoooooorible snap mechanics that we all know.

  5. I like in the concept that some of the Dino’s are chilling I hope there’s a command in ark 2 to let them sit down and rest instead of standing for eternity lol.

  6. Yeah clearly something not clicking with Ark 2. Of course it could be reservation to share but let's be real. Either there's lies afoot or it's just more delays. I'm leaning towards dishonesty but that's cuz I don't trust any games that aren't sharing actual gameplay footage

    Can't get excited over nothing

  7. Alot of people would like ARK2 building system if it has a Valheim build system, much more dynamic and personal building when you build by placing smaller pieces that make your home more custom instead of needing to glitch pieces into each other during Ark1.

  8. Sad news about Hulk. RIP!
    One certainly wonders why Wild Card and Snail can't seem to get it together. The beautiful thing about Ark though is the absolute abundance of wonderful mod makers in the community that have taken the framework of what Ark was and turned it into the game that a lot of us have spent so much time with. Without folks like Hulk, most of us wouldn't still be here.
    I would encourage everyone to take the time to reach out to the Ark mod makers and content creators to thank them for keeping this community going whenever and however you can. Also, someone needs to find out why we didn't get to see a remastered UE5 rock in this Community Crunch.

  9. Imagine if the dlc map is a mix between extinction’s wasteland (with more nature like trees growing out there) and aberration’s underground system along with the tek launch pad that was used to launched the genesis ship. (Would most likely be in the background but it would probably stretched a bit onto the map)

  10. Of course, this is probably completely a coincidence. Maybe. But a couple of weeks ago I had posted on the ARK forum that in A:SA we should be able to also paint designs like tribal markings, Viking runes, hieroglyphics, etc. on our structures to fit better with the theme of our builds, and I think it’s crazy that I see that all over right here for the sequel.
    Plus, I had mentioned that in A:SA they should update the dinosaurs to be able to lay down around our bases to give them more life, and I also see that here.
    I really do hope they listen to the forums and use feedback from the community to make the game better, but I also hope that A:SA is the game they put these mechanics in because I don’t think I’ll be playing ARK II honestly.

  11. I hapy you to about HG passing, but i wounder why you of all people have not spoke about the Tea tribe and mass baned of The Isladeboys and other youtubers being unfairly band. You need to address this Rass! Don't ignor that!

  12. I could be wrong, but maybe the base that was built or surrounding of the base has simplified textures that still need polishing so they just reimagined it to show everyone what the end result should look like.

  13. the fact they took the time to do an artist render of it instead of actually showing us makes me really not believe that there is any in game footage. wtf are they hiding lol they just go above and beyond NOT to show their community any gameplay.

  14. It looks good, but lets not forget that this is Ark and modern gaming… we aren't going to get anywhere near what they claim and show in the final product. Not till modders get ahold of it, at least.

  15. 1. I think the builds being made into Art is because the actual builds may not look as good in game, but its more of a "use your imagination" type deal.

    2. Just wondering when we are going to actually get a doable and maybe fully working VR for ARK. Alot of people just want to be lazy and sit there like they have been for years, but I wanna stand up and start swinging bruh. Just imagine VR only servers, and mixed servers.

  16. RIP Hulk. This seemed very sudden, as someone who is a bit of an outsider I had only seen that he had health issues, but not that he had passed since he posted about it.

    I think it's also worth pointing out that paint is very much freehanded in this preview. Even setting aside paint jobs like the skull, there doesn't seem to be color regions ? But of course the fact that it's a reimagination instead of a screenshot makes it speculation instead of an actual source of excitement.
    1:30 Bold of you assume there will be snap points 🙂
    2:35 I knoooow ! This is so frustrating.
    5:12 As usual we start talking about things based on basically nothing (from someone who is not even a primarily English speaker). THIS IS WHAT WILDCARD DOES BY NOT COMMUNICATING MORE. When oh when will they learn.
    8:00 Stuff like this ("my game is more important than someone's life !!!", which you can still see in the comments of the Community Crunch this week, in fact) is why some parts of the Ark community have such a bad reputation. You can care about your game, your mods, your precious dinos, AND respect others.


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