ARK 2 Third Person only Gameplay incoming! – (FULL DETAILS)

ARK 2 Third Person only Gameplay incoming! – (FULL DETAILS)

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ARK 2 Third Person only Gameplay incoming! – (FULL DETAILS)

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ARK: Survival Evolved

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27 thoughts on “ARK 2 Third Person only Gameplay incoming! – (FULL DETAILS)”

  1. I see its ups and downs like i like 3rdP for swing on vines cause that would be very difficult in 1stP but things like when you harvest things like trees and rocks i like much better in 1stP

  2. 🙄👆How to I recover my 3 charges that certain bugs destroyed or I try to log into the same server with my other character and it got wiped out!
    On official!
    So annoying
    🙄👆I know they are busy
    But for flocking sakes
    It so frustrating to lose characters over 130 and I have all plus 15 points
    👆🙄And have to start over again and if I didn't back up a few characters in my tribe I woykd of lost everything!
    Talk yobtj about this problem
    🙄👆 One character should be enough and never gets wiped out
    You could have a couple of character
    I shouldn't need more then 1 and for the character to wiped out
    👆🙄For the silliest of reasons or bugs
    If you dint fix it I. Ark 1 witch I think they should for official servers
    🙄👆 Don't let it happen in ark 2
    At the least

  3. However folks want to spin it, making it 3rd person only is removing options for players. What positive can come from removing options? How does another player's preference in POV effect someone else's experience?

  4. 1:20….Let Me Stop You Right Here…The Only Reason 3 Person Good Is To Look Around Corners Without Having To Actually Be In The Line Of Fire…. Otherwise They're Just Down Grading…Just About All The New Games Are Give 1st And 3rd Person Option…


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