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I am back yall!!! Here is what I have missed, all about ark two and the current state of the game! I missed all of you and I hope that all of you are having a good day! Because, you know that I am! Keep on keeping on!

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16 thoughts on “ARK 2/STATE OF THE GAME”

  1. This is just a cinematic trailer, we can't extract any mechanics about the game using it, because it was not what it was meant for. Wildcard probably just gathered the assets and did a mockup with the motion capture to have something to show. I highly doubt they will change much from Ark 1 mechanics wise, since it could possible be a recipe for disaster.
    It is running in engine instead of a render though, so it means the graphics would probably be this good or better on the best settings.

  2. Santiago (vin diesel) is actually a character from the first ARK game who you can read about on abberation and extinction, he designed the portal network that takes you from abberation to extinction and he also designed the meks to fight the titans but he also died on extinction fighting a titan, essentially he has been cloned again for genisis and by the looks of it whatever happens in gen part 2 is where ark 2 will take place as in this trailer he fully shuts down the genisis system preventing more clones from being created and the info on that panel is stuff from him in his actual life from before he was cloned, just thought you might like some backstory for this stuff aha


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