ARK 2 SH#% (Part 14)

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Video Description:
This is an Ark 2 series about some of the Ark 2 news and Ark 2 gameplay that has been released by Wildcard Studios. I show the Ark 2 trailer in the background while we give our opinion on the new Ark 2 updates. I talk about Ark 2 being made with Unreal Engine 5 or UE5 and that it will have volumetric lighting, localized weather systems, & photorealistic day & night cycle. Thanks for watching!
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26 thoughts on “ARK 2 SH#% (Part 14)”

  1. Bruh if this Ark 2 isn't what they say it is I'm done with ark in general. I've given this game years of my time and life and just like an ex they disappoint and keep doing so. Some times it's good most the times it's laggy bullshit. And with all this extra stuff they are trying to add this game is on the direction of full lag. Ark is becoming strictly a PC game in Ark 2. Mark my words Bois.

  2. Its good to know that they are gonna detail the effects and stuff like that because in ark I feel like they concentrated more on the Dino graphics and animations than the ground effects and environmental stuff like that, thats just my opinion

  3. Just sounds like they are over promising by miles. Fix the bugs in Ark 1 and add the NPCs in that. I'm not buying Ark 2 until it's free because it tanked so hard.


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