ARK 2 SH#% (Part 12)

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Video Description:
This is an Ark 2 series about some of the Ark 2 news and Ark 2 gameplay that has been released by Wildcard Studios. I show the Ark 2 trailer in the background while we give our opinion on the new Ark 2 updates. I talk about Ark 2 having sensory-based creature AI that can hunt by sight, sound, & smell. Creatures and dinosaurs will also have dynamic pathfinding that will allow them to move around terrain and player built structures. Thanks for watching!
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14 thoughts on “ARK 2 SH#% (Part 12)”

  1. This sound like alot of stuff(with all the shorts together), and it makes me a bit worried. Just hope we don't get another no man sky situation here. Don't get me wrong im hoping for the best. But im not gonna put my expectations to high.


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