ARK: 2 Possible Intro? (8K) [Epic ARK]

Why 8K? YouTubes low bitrate and bad codecs!

Used Rig:
– I9 10850K @4,9 GHz All Core @1,265 V
– MSI Sea Hawk X 1080 @2,076 GHz @950 mV
– 32GB DDR4 @3,2 GHz C16

OBS Capture Settings (Intel Quick Sync):
MPEG-4 Part 10 | 2K (2560*1440) | 24,000p | CQP 1;1;1; (up to 799 Mbps) | Max. Quality | 4:2:0

Premiere Pro Export Settings:
MPEG-H Part 2 | 8K (7680*3736) 2,06:1 | 24,000p | Level 6,2 | Profile Main | Hardware Acceleration | VBR, 1 Pass 35 Mbps | Codec Quality Highest | Max Render Bitdepth | Max Render Quality

ARK graphics settings are maxed out @2560*1440p including motion blur:
Resolution: 2560×1440
Window Mode: Fullscreen
Graphics Quality: Custom
Resolution Scale: 100%
World Tile Buffers: Epic
View Distance: Epic
Anti-Aliasing: Epic
Post Processing: Epic
General Shadows: Epic
Terrain Shadows: Epic
Textures: Epic
Sky Quality: 100%
Ground Clutter Density: 100%
Ground Clutter Distance: 100%
Mesh Level Of Detail: 100%
High Quality Anisotropic Filtering: Enabled
Motion Blur: Enabled
Film Grain: Disabled
Distance Field Ambient Occlusion: Enabled
Screen Space Ambient Occlusion: Enabled
Advanced Render Distance: Disabled
Distance Field Shadowing: Enabled
High Quality Materials: Enabled
Sub Surface Scattering: Enabled
High Quality VFX: Enabled
Simple Distance Character Movement: Disabled
High Quality LOD’s: Enabled
Extra Level Streaming Distance: Enabled
Color Grading: Enabled
Light Bloom: Enabled
Light Shafts: Enabled
Low Quality Level Streaming: Disabled


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