Ark 2 needs to fix this massive problem:

Ark survival Evolved is amongst the most popular and renowned titles in the entire genre, however over the years it gathered a numerous amount of issues, and if not solved, its sequel might suffer. One problem in particular has been affecting Ark 1 for years and right now, Wildcard has the Opportunity to address it properly and avoid making the same mistake in ark 2.

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  1. In my opinion carno was an underdog, while it might not be the strongest it certainly fill a unique niche. For example, if the raptors are efficient pack hunters where a good group of raptors can take on apexes, they should have a counter, that’s when carno comes in. They are good at taking small animals so maybe to counter raptors people may have carnos to chase them down and kill them.

  2. I have ptsd from stupid manas, Granted they got nerfed into the ground i still have terrible memories with them and are mainly why I avoid in pvp rag since everyone and their mother is using that as their breeding map

  3. id posit that raptor not being as powerful as the rest of the pack boys isnt a problem as raptor is meant as a relatively early tame and really is the first combat dino your going to tame when starting out (you can go balls to the wall and tame a wolf early if you know what your doing since it doesnt require a saddle)

  4. I also think they really need to tweak the animal ai in the game. Almost every creature in this game has the same three types of ai.
    -Wander around aimlessly.
    -Wander around aimlessly and attack every living thing in sight.
    -Wander around aimlessly and attack every human being in sight.
    Since immersion is going to be one of the main focuses of Ark 2, they really need to add more behaviors. I'd love to see smaller creatures approach you when you have food in one hand, allowing you to build trust with them and tame them. Herd behavior would also be cool, with herds of animals migrating and playing with each other. Because the ai in this game makes all the animals feel less like living things and more like robots.

  5. While I still agree with you, you forgot to factor out the untamable creatures from your calculated percentage making the number of tames that aren’t used much in the game especially in PvP seem higher than it actually is.

  6. this is why I can never get into ark, so many creature that do nothing or feel like I'm handicapping my self by by using them. unfortunately I don't think they will improve, it doesn't seem like they are willing to nerf and have become obsessed with making more powerful creatures.

  7. haven't watched the vid yet but if its about the heinous power creep ark has with its dlc that make it in my eyes ptw, there's no way that features going away imo. I feel like that's a core mechanic of the game at this point everyone wants the newest dlcs because they make everything before it trivial. Ive always found ARK to be stupidly balanced and put together with the hardest part of the game easily being the very start with troodons and their cheesey topor as well as other animals until you hit stone stage and get an argie and the game becomes trivial

  8. As a fan of Archaeopteryx as an animal seeing it get pushed aside even worse than it already was with the addition of Sinomacrops was quite something. It does absolutely everything Archaeopteryx does and significantly better do why bother getting it over Sino at all

  9. I won’t pretend like Ark’s roster isn’t super jank at this point and there are a lot of issues on the PVP side but the thing is, Ark doesn’t start each creature out the same like the Isle does which I feel like you are basing a lot of this off of.

    Way I see it Ark has a progressive taiming system, as you progress through levels and maps the better creatures you get.

    Creatures are just a stepping stone to the next animal and to use your example the Deinonychus functions as Raptor 2.0. You don’t pick a creature and are stuck with it you just tame another creature. Raptors are quite useful in starting zones.

    Yes the Deinonychus is objectively better but it takes better equipment and different means to tame. Raptors just need a Bola and your fists plus some meat.

    You also can’t just go to higher difficulty locations and get a creature the same way you get another. Try and go to the snowy region at level one and you basically die in seconds from the elements or the Wolves that aren’t as easy to tame as you think.

    Some Dinos in the roster also don’t need the level of detail you expect from every creature. More often than not they just function as background elements that just aren’t as important and can help make other creatures that much more satisfying to tame.

  10. My favorite tame in the game is the megalosaurus, on most maps it it entirely useless but on aberration it is by far the most durable and has the second or third highest dps. Its main ability is that at night it gets a buff and during the day it gets a debuff, for this reason its most useful on aberration where it is always night and therefore it always is buffed. It doesn't invalidate any of its competitors either since crabs, spinos, reapers, drakes, and basilisks all coexist with it, even with reapers and spinos having almost the same niche as it. The spino for example is faster, has higher dps under the right conditions, doesnt get aggroed by small dinos, and can swim faster while the megalo has more consistent dps and is far more durable.

    I hate shadowmanes, they have more hp than a spino and stole its role from it. Shadowmanes should have had around 550-600 base hp instead of 850 because the spino has base 700.

  11. If anything, this issue could be fixed in ARK: Survival Evolved's upcoming remake, ARK: Survival Ascended. (Well, if you want to make a video on how the remake could change ARK: Survival Evolved's present mechanics, then go right ahead. (Unless this is the first time you are hearing about ARK: Survival Ascended, that is. In which case, that's alright. They never made a trailer for it, and only announced it in the weekly Community Crunch, so it's okay if you had no idea this even existed. Lol))


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