ARK 2 Just Got Some Release Date News…

ARK 2 Just Got Some Release Date News… When it comes to great survival games, Ark Survival Evolved has been a particular fan favorite since its release back in 2015, likely due to the iconic feature in the game, dinosaurs. Now we look to the future, and on the horizon, fans are patiently waiting for the arrival of ARK 2. But when will ARK 2 be released, and what do we know about it so far? To answer those questions, we’ve compiled everything we know so far regarding ARK 2 in this video, such as the release date, trailer, gameplay, and much more!

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9 thoughts on “ARK 2 Just Got Some Release Date News…”

  1. I just hope there’s more to do from a PVE standpoint. Without getting into PvP, Ark is just tame, breed, and boss fight. I would like the building aspect to be a little different from the first Ark.

  2. Y'all obviously need to read the post they put out in June. And at the Xbox showcase it was said that everything we saw would be playable in the next 12 months, so it should be out by June{But we all know how good they are at keeping dates}


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