ARK 2 Is In Trouble…

ARK 2 Is In Trouble…

Studio Wildcard, the studio behind the mixed reviewed 2015 survival game Ark: Survival Evolved, has revealed that Ark 2 will have to be delayed until sometime next year. The delay is largely because the studio upgraded engines to Unreal Engine 5, which demands the devs learn the new technology behind the engine. Ark 2 isn’t a stranger to delays, it was previously billed as a 2022 title before getting pushed into 2023 for seemingly no reason during that month’s Bethesda Games Showcase. Now, it’s being pushed into 2024, but at least they’re logging a reason behind the delay. As it stands, the most significant stuff we know about this game is that it will shift away from the original’s tone and style, will be an Xbox console exclusive available on Game Pass on day one, and will star superstar Vin Diesel.

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7 thoughts on “ARK 2 Is In Trouble…”

  1. The unfolding development of the lore of the game has also steadily taken it further and further from what made the original early access release a magical experience. All to please sh*thead kiddies and they're breathless and unending requests for incoherent BS to be added to the game. Hopefully Ark 2 has enough admin control to take all the rubbish out without unbalancing the game.


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