ARK 2 Is Getting Old… My Response

My thoughts on ARK 2 and why we SHOULD be talking about it, in response to @NeddyTheNoodle’s vid

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I like to PvP, and PvE. Usually wearing an Exo Suit nowadays. Unlocking it is easy with no cheats needed anymore, and usually on a server, official or unofficial, I’m not fussed. Single Player is great though, certainly with a guide for any platform be it xbox, ps4, ps5, pc, it’s great. Sometimes play MTS, and usually post patch/update. But a survival game needs some community news and that’s what I do, giving you the latest on events, small tribes, maybe even fast flyers and primitive plus, usually covering all maps from Island to Genesis Part 2. And one day. ARK 2!

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38 thoughts on “ARK 2 Is Getting Old… My Response”

  1. Its just kind of surreal seeing we are at the end. ARK 1 support will be ending soon. I don't think the game will "die" fast, if I had to guess they'll keep the ARK 1 servers up for a fair while but as I commented on Neds video, I do enjoy the talking about ARK 2 but I do agree with him it can feel oversaturated. I listed a few examples of there but my issue as a die hard fan comes from the sheer amount of misinformation being yeeted around. I should also say that you Rass one if the only people I trust for ARK news that isn't actually working for WildCard, since most of what is talked about is from the Devs themselves, that leads to speculation such as with the PC game show. Yeah they said nothing about it, but its not an impossble leap for them to show it, so your hype makes sense. I very much enjoy talking about ARK 2 but I admit I have reached the end of my hype train where, unlike Gen2 for example where we kept getting new stuff about every month with the promo art, we have 2 teasers, a concept art and a list of a few gameplay things which might not even be final. There just isn't that much to talk about, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about it. Bar none of what happens, I'm very excited for the furture story and game of ARK 2 and the show. Great video Rass, much love!

  2. It has lost a lot of hype because of no new content. Wildcard has to release a little bit of info to keep interest or like you said people will find other games to play. That being said if another game grabs attention it could keep them like ARK 1 did us for years. Seems risky to chance loosing customers.

  3. Never say never.. Diablo 2 is still alive.. Maybe not in huge player numbers, but it is still "alive"..

    I only play single player ARK (or with BF), and I'm gonna stick to ARK 1..

    A: I'm still a new ARK player..
    B: I don't like the addition of enemy tribes even in single player. Leave me alone and let me chill!
    C: I will most likely not be able to even play ARK 2..

    Unless the miracle happens that it will be so well optimized that it wont require more than ARK 1 does in reality.. If my 11k Dkr (1500 €) Samsung Galaxy laptop can't run it, then too bad.. If it can, then maaaaaybe.. But like with any new windows version, I'll wait at least 6 months while they iron out the initial bugs.. And the bug fix bugs…

  4. I think Ark official will be slowing down but I think its death has been highly exaggerated. Ark 1 could likely have a very long non-official life on private servers. I have no plans to buy Ark2 the first year or so it's released and will keep my server as long as GPortal wants my money. The history of Tripple A new releases in year one has not been good for 10 years now. Bugs, glitches, cheaters, and completely broken mechanics plague high dollar new release titles now. It's become the norm.
    Killing Ark 1 prematurely seems like a very poor idea. Allowing a 2 or 3 year slow transition for players while the bugs are worked out would make much more sense.
    And Raas has been guilty of a bit of the bait'n lately. He's a great guy, good streamer, and has bills to pay as well. He walked out on that limb a bit too far but not far enough that viewers can't move beyond it with a laugh and some good natured ribbing. Learn to forgive – it'll make life much more enjoyable.
    Oh, and let's pressure him to spend our wait time making Sons Of The Forrest content…

  5. When things get stale, even one little breadcrumb can be exciting. I think that's what's happening in the community right now. The information surrounding Ark 2 is very shallow and almost nonexistent, and since Ark 1 content is slowly waning, content creators that have focused their attention on Wildcard products are grabbing at scraps to keep their own channel/business going. On the consumer side, we've been teased with two trailers and that's it. Obviously, we don't deserve the game, they have no obligation to give us anything, but when we see a tweet that suggests new gameplay or some sort of reveal, it can be really simple to jump to conclusions by putting two and two together. "Oh, we're getting gameplay soon? Ark 2 is being advertised for this PC conference? Oh dang, Ark 2 gameplay!" That train of thought is appropriate, I think. It makes sense to make that connection. It's not necessarily clickbait, it's pure excitement about a possibility. There are certainly click baiters out there, but I can say for sure that you are not one of those.

  6. This is my thought on clickbait Raas. Whilst I agree clickbaiting needs to stop as it does create annoyance and frustration not only towards the content creator but towards ARK 2 and inevitably the Devs when things aren't delivered, but lets be honest, how much real clickbaiting is actually happening right now?

    You've hardly done it yourself enough to be called a clickbaiter. I was told my recent UE5 Redwoods video was clickbait, which in my opinion is no more than borderline if that, and honestly I don't see it as true clickbait. We all know there is one main english speaking channel who blatantly does clickbait on nearly every video. The rest that are out there are pretty much mainly foreign speaking channels, which brings in a whole load of language barrier issues and things get lost in translation. But honestly the amount of clickbait going on about ARK 2 on youtube is almost non-existent, and certainly not enough to warrant creating a video about it.

    As for stop talking about ARK 2, what a silly notion. 🤣

  7. True to my nature, I was late to the Ark party, only playing it starting on its 5th anniversary. I've loved the game so thoroughly, mostly just because mechanically it's all I wanted out of a Pokemon game. My biggest hope for Ark 2 is that it doesn't stray too far from what makes Ark 1 so good: taming fantastical creatures, and building exquisite homes and bases. Sure, Souls-like combat and graphic body dismemberment might be cool improvements, but I still want to build my little shack in the wilderness and ride on the back of a giant cat creature.

    Also, I still want to be able to transfer an Ark 1 survivor to Ark 2 just so I can hear Vin Diesel fawn over the bosses I've beaten. I hope there would be a whole plot arc surrounding the survivor and the implications of their victories, but a stunned side conversation regarding the appearance of (or lack of, with the Deus Record) the survivor's implant will suffice for me.

  8. I personally have already moved on from ark unfortunately… the first one is getting repetitive and bland my whole tribe has left me already. Grinding by yourself gets old quick. No news on ark 2. I'm willing to bet realistically 2025 before a release. Wildcards pattern shows definitely not 2023.

  9. My honest opinion is ark 1 will never die no matter what. Even withought updates it’s still the og multiplayer game that everyone hates and loves . Also ark 2 being so different to the og I probably will never play it.

  10. @raas I dunno man … Ark 1, Coming to a close?, maybe?.

    But I think theres gunna be another 3-5 years in there as Ark 2 is gunna be a very different game.

    I really wouldnt be surprised if Ark 1 continues with strength — Look at Warcraft.

    If Ark 2 is very different then Ark 1 will always have a place … Unless WC deliberately shut down the servers and kill it like a dodo!


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