ARK 2 Is Getting Old…

I’m excited too, but why don’t we wait until it’s ready? ARK 1 will be over soon. Let’s enjoy it during these final few months of support!

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22 thoughts on “ARK 2 Is Getting Old…”

  1. No hate for ARK II or the beautiful people making the game itself. In this video I explain why we need to focus on what's important. In a somewhat ironic statement, let's create real content 😅

  2. Ark 2 has got to be such a massive and epic game that they are sparing what they can for us right now, I mean how are they gonna top ARK without absolutely fuckin blowing our minds?

  3. Learning Ark 2 was going to be a thing makes me exceptionally depressed because I can't afford a second game. I'm not good enough at it as well, I refuse to play online because of that. And I can't afford to let the game I did spend money on sit in the dust and eat up space on my computer. Even if the devs say they're going to keep Ark 1 up… like… for how long realistically? They add stuff to Ark 1 but that haven't fixed a lot of it. What makes anyone think they're going to put energy into keeping it up when they can just… make more money doing other things. low-key hoping they cancel 2. like just give us another storyline map.

  4. As almost an expert on taking a little and making it a lot. Theres a ton of little details in ARK's story for example that probably don't mean much but COULD maybe mean something. A great example is Rockwell in gen2 saying "Someone from the old world really should be here to witness the dawning of my new age" that line made me think "Oh are we meant to be the same survivor? " is the old world earth, the ARK's? What is it? When it could just be a line and nothing more. On some level I do get it. Taking something small and making it big does work but only when it can lead into other questions that are equally as interesting. However things like that lead to discussions and debates becuase we have the info to even debate. ARK 2 in full honestly we know next to nothing. Its all speculation which is fun, however you can't really speculate if you don't have any information besides basic level. We can talk about ARK 2's combat, its building but we don't have enough information to lead to a complex discussion. The market for hearing about things that aren't from WildCard is really annoying. I've heard so many things about the show (Which I think I'm more exited for then ARK2 in full honestly) saying it will be HBO, or Netflix or even hulu and its just annoying. WildCard hasn't said anything. It went so far I even heard that Dollie was following someone who worked at Netflix which was then concrete evidence that ARK: AS was gonna be on Netflix. For me, unless I hear it from someone who is activly working on ARK or works for Wildcard I've gotten to a point where I don't even listen. For me, I enjoy not knowing much. When we get the gameplay it will be hype, but for the time being I'm very happy with what we have now. A great video ned, and thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  5. as an xbox console player, ark 2 is the only hope for anti-cheat. ark is ridiculously unplayable due to all the hackers, and the single player gets old without friends. and no, you cant really play together with console tethering

  6. Ok…I'm VERY new to Ark and its communities. Yes Communities because there isn't just one. Split tribes if you will, not necessarily allied and a LOT easier for a noob to see lines drawn.
    I've been watching Ark videos for months now and I find your films to be some of the best I've seen. So imagine my surprise to find you in this video essentially telling other content creators what content they should be focusing on.
    It leaves a bit of an icky taste in my mouth that someone with SO much passion about their craft, which is evident in your short films, would literally try to 'advise' other creators away from what THEY may find passion in….even if you're sick of it, and they're not as good as you in producing it. I'm stunned that you would give one fk either way if some other YTuber is 'milking' the lack of content from Ark 2, particularly enough to make a video addressing it.
    Again, I'm new here and perhaps this is something I should expect to see on your channel. Perhaps it's a one off.
    I get the irony. Making a video about Ark 2 saying other ppl (yourself included) shouldn't be making any more content about Ark 2. I'm not giggling.
    Of all the Ark YTubers I've binged over the past few months, YOU were the last of them I expected any amount of hubris from (well you and fatdog).
    All this being said, I am still eagerly awaiting your next video with actual content. I really dig the work you put out and look forward to seeing stuff from games or situations other than Ark! Bois got skillz!!

  7. I think the "hype" in the entertainment industry is stupid in general. Especially in the gaming world, we've had so many terrible and messy releases as well as disappointments. I haven't been on a hype train for years, I think it's dumb and that people that are easily hyped for future releases seem like brainwashed slaves to advertising. Also, wild card doesn't deserve any respect or hype until they fix game breaking issues with ark that have existed for years, especially in pvp.

  8. Huge respect for making this statement. Personally, one of my favourite things about ARK is the mystery. Such as their pre-Extinction countdown art slowly changing over time, or their super mysterious pre-Genesis 360' webpage with all of the mysterious code. Those were awesome to speculate and watch others go crazy about, but a brand new video from a dozen creators about one bit of concept art or a 10 sec raptor clip? It's exciting seeing bits of ARK II, for sure! But I find myself hitting the "Don't Recommend" button a lot for these videos when they flood my feed. Especially when it inevitably turns into massive genuine spoiler-in-title/thumbnail videos (such as every end cutscene in ARK's DLCs), then I'm just salty.

    I respect the graft, I get it, clickbait sells hard and it's great profit, there's a reason why everyone does it. But man. Some mystery and time to absorb the teasers is nice, too!

  9. While I do agree we should be patient for both the animated series and Ark 2, there’s a big difference of timeline expectations between them.

    Ark 2 clearly still needs a lot more development, as evidenced by the fact that it took them 1.5 years to even tell (not show) us what the gameplay might be like.

    The series, on the other hand, has it’s 2nd season already well into production. That’s almost like Wildcard announcing that they’re working on Ark 2’s dlc and not saying anything else.


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