ARK 2 IS BEING PLAY TESTED! Genesis 2 Bugs, Fixes & Plushy Giveaways Everywhere – ARK Community News

We look at the huge news that ARK II is in beta and being play tested, the many ARK Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2 bugs and what’s being fixed, and plushy giveaways are all over twitter!

⏩ ARK 2 UE5 & Delay Theory

⏩ ARK Genesis Part 2 Map & Resource Introduction Guide

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Bug reports:


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32 thoughts on “ARK 2 IS BEING PLAY TESTED! Genesis 2 Bugs, Fixes & Plushy Giveaways Everywhere – ARK Community News”

  1. *Update* Just as I posted this the devs got in touch with some more plushy codes for me to giveaway. Watch this space and I'll get a stream going on soon to give these away 😉

  2. I wonder if Ark 2 is going to be more like Minecraft in a sense with servers and playing online with friends. As me and my friends play on Xbox and are not very good, we play very basic and not often so servers aren’t our place and we’d like something that we can just come back to in a month or two and not have anything lost to other tribes. This is just me ranting but either way I’m excited for Ark 2 nonetheless!!!

  3. How about you cant get into servers? Ive been waiting for days and 3 hours today and I cant get in the base I built and the tames I have will starve and decay because of this. People are camping servers.

  4. Has anyone else had the issue where wild creatures levels are ignoring difficulty level on single player? I’ve set the difficulty to 5 and set maximum difficulty but they’re still spawning at the wrong levels (maybe difficulty 4? I haven’t figured out what the minimum or maximum level is yet)

  5. It makes sense we get tek suits on the final map, the game is called Ark Survival Evolved…. the survival has evolved, its right there in the title

  6. Rass Will you be able to get your creatures to come back to you if they around the globe What happens to your dinosaurs at the end Of genesis part 2 do they die do they escape the genesis ship Like what happens

  7. Every time I play the mission “survive the ark” and I go to leave the mission I crash my entire server for hours. When it comes back online anyone who was on at the time loses their entire inventory and dies.

  8. And I would like to see how ark survival evolved to Will be The best sequel of all time I'd like it if they had a feature where there was only 1 tech item only 1 A tek Communications rely So you can communicate with your dinosaurs that you wants had as friends and they still remember you but they're on different Land masses On earth So let's say 1 of your reapers are in madagasgar something

  9. Wait is it confirmed that Ark 2 is a roleplaying game, play as Santiago? Well if I wasn't turned off the game being literally the same thing with just upgraded graphics, you can bet I am now. Seriously if I just want an upgraded game rather than a new game I'd just play a Pokemon game…Ark will be even worse playing as an already established character

    Hey, BTW, is sound bugging in and out an actual bug or is that just my console? Sometimes it's just music and most of the time there's no water sound (stepping into water doesn't splash)

  10. I wonder if anyone else has GPU problems on Terminus mission. And yes, I do have my fps capped and vsync turned on. PC starts insanely overheating right after loading in. Maybe Rockwell just tries to destroy my PC before my survivor?


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