ARK 2 Gameplay News…

ARK 2 Gameplay news!

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Title: ARK 2 Gameplay News…



50 thoughts on “ARK 2 Gameplay News…”

  1. Wait so now Ark is like completely shutting down? Like everything is going away? 😕☹ Please tell me that after Ark 2 Ark 1 will still be a thing just minus official servers.

  2. Just please no meshing, new game, stay on top of that. And of course,block people from blocking obelisk on main servers, you guys will lose money, this was a huge problem, 3 servers on primitive ragnarok blocked by selfish players.

  3. this game's map is not big enough or interactive enough to keep people in. if they can manage to make AI territorial and the environment interactive essentially making it a sandbox then they'll have a game. at this age of time, an open-world game should have what i mention as a minimum requirement but they don't. the only games that i see making those steps are monster hunter world for environment interaction and star citizen for planet size map. all these games coming out with no dept to them die on launch day. people buy them on hope and boredom not because the game is fun.

  4. I'm hoping that there will be a bounty system to encourage more sportsmanlike gameplay instead of just alphas griefing new players with a shitty base and nothing of value for them to raid.

  5. In the gameplay I want to feel my foot steps. I want to feel like I’m moving kinda like a watch dogs or a gta in a way… but I don’t want it to be like pubg where it’s sticky running if that makes any sense

  6. Umm @LoadedCrysis you serious? Ark gifted us 5yrs of base building said around 6:30 …. They extorted us is what they did.. The head Ceo had a breach of contract with his last company then ended up withholding content from Ark during beta development and proceeded to extort the customers for more money for the planned content in the developing game.. then proceeded to cashgrab battleroyals for a period.
    You cant sugar coat a turd and call it a gift….. Well you can but what would that make you, wildcard?
    Stop being a tool.. if you think youre not then slap yourself for letting the tool in you talk.

  7. Tl;dr: hope they don’t completely kill ark when 2 comes out, but wouldn’t cry if official goes down. We aren’t entitled to forever, but I’d definitely like to have a bit longer.

    I really hope they don’t stop supporting ark 1, at least not for a while. I realize many people have had 5 years or whatever to play the game, but what about the new players? What about the players who still have yet to play it? I only just started this game this year. I realize games eventually stop being supported and updated, even if you’ve paid for them. I had to face that reality with infinity blade, which is a series I absolutely adore, but eventually epic just left it behind and moved on. It happens. But that was years after the release of the final game and even the final dlc for it. Sure they had some live events going on till the end, but they gave players plenty of time to experience the content and all it had to offer and it had less replay ability than ark by far. Not to mention, as long as you have a device with an iOS far enough back, you can still play it until the device dies… or decides to be stupid and uninstall the game without permission. (My pain is immense). My point is, I really hope that at least for as long as people are still willing to buy they game, that they will keep it up and running. Or at least let us continue to play single player or private servers, even if they stop supporting official. Feel like theres a compromise to be found here.

  8. Sounds kind of stupid to throw away ARK 1 after releasing ARK 2,when they gave so much to ARK 1. I expec more, that in ARK 1 will be less servers than shut down all, that's stupid way. Lot of players will be playing ARK 1, becouse it's amazing game and support mods


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