Ark 2 EASTER EGG on Scorched Earth Ark Ascended

There’s what looks like an Ark 2 easter egg in a secret cave on Scorched Earth in Ark Survival Ascended. In this video we take a look at it and compare this to previously released Ark 2 footage and images.

Original source: @YPou97


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21 thoughts on “Ark 2 EASTER EGG on Scorched Earth Ark Ascended”

  1. Wooow on this painting there is brand new creature. That sauropod is not Brachy but SHUNOSAURUS, it has club on the tail. Maby it will be the new creature in Ark or even better in some upcoming ark ascended dlc.

  2. This is a great Easter egg. Personally, I always thought that cave paintings should be in Ark, so I’m glad that it’s finally a thing. They look great, as well as the rex skeleton!

  3. That's the kind of stuff I look for in a map. Fun little caves or ruins or corners or just areas with stuff to look at. It's a welcome bonus that it refers to ARK2 (though I believe that the Rex in the middle is supposed to be Santiago's), but it's not even necessary imho. Just sprinkling details for the community to find and share is enough in my eyes. A lot of maps in ASE failed to do things like that often enough ; if it takes promotional tie-ins for WildCard to do it more, then so be it.
    The club-tailed Sauropod looks fantastic, on a sidenote. I want to ride THAT GUY into battle.

  4. Was very glad to see you cover the possible lore aspect of the cave. I had been asking around on different discords if there was a possible ark 2 connection as well after seeing that video. I've been hitting walls in every ruin ever since LOL.

  5. Initially i was not confident it was a hint but with the cross comparison of the initial release ark 2 imagine and the cace paintings but itay be a case that they used the visual decals as a template that they pasted onto the cave walls

  6. After knocking the wall down and going into the cave, on the way back to main hallway there is a weird Tek-like pulsating glow now just where you knocked the walk down, wonder how significant that is?

  7. Look I came here to hate on the video and say that you are wrong, but you aren't… they are similar however, you also have to take into account that the devs might of put that their without thinking about it, yes that is also a possibility.

    They were simply re-using assets…

  8. This actually does remind me of ark 2 When I first saw it and frankly it is. It's gotta be like after looking at it. It actually does look like it in East rig of that. Like when I'm saw it, I was really hoping the second one will come back. I'm really hoping that it will like. I just really wish it did. What are you guys saying? Do you think it's an Easter egg of the second one or do you think it's something else? Let me know


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