ARK 2 Details SOON! Stadia Refunds! Cyberpunk HELPS TV Series – ARK Community News

ARK Survival Evolved News! Extra Life dated with ARK 2 suspected details to drop, Google Stadia to close and refund ARK & Cyberpunk Anime proves a positive for ARK The Animated TV Series

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I like to PvP, and PvE. Usually wearing an Exo Suit nowadays. Unlocking it is easy with no cheats needed anymore, and usually on a server, official or unofficial, I’m not fussed. Single Player is great though, certainly with a guide for any platform be it xbox, ps4, ps5, pc, it’s great. Sometimes play MTS, and usually post patch/update. But a survival game needs some community news and that’s what I do, giving you the latest on events, small tribes, maybe even fast flyers and primitive plus, usually covering all maps from Island to Genesis Part 2. And one day. ARK 2!

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29 thoughts on “ARK 2 Details SOON! Stadia Refunds! Cyberpunk HELPS TV Series – ARK Community News”

  1. i think there is a very high possibility that ark 2 is a good bit overrated and too hyped, No Mans Sky for example, it was very hyped up but was a complete disaster but is now a good game, games like this have lots of flaws and Ark 2 could be like that but im just guessing so hopefully its really good, either way i think we have to wait till atleast february for a gameplay trailer

  2. I am definitely worried for Ark the animated series. They redid almost every character design besides Helena and changed everyone’s characters drastically, Like for instance now Helena walker has a wife, Rockwell is a tall skinny man now all the ships have been modified, I really hope these changes work because I feel giving Helena a wife would kind of ruin a lot of her character considering she was alone. Now she has a lover? Doesn’t make to much sense.

  3. because Cyberpunk made new characters and stayed true to the lore unlike ARK Anime

    plus Cyberpunk: Edgerunners are set a year before Cyberpunk: 2077, they have free liberties without tampering the current lore unlike ARK where the game's lore is set before you appeared in the ARK

    plus Dollie confirmed that ARK anime is gonna be different from the game lore
    this is why Ned's Survival Stories is served as close to true to the lore (eventhough he will stated NOT do Extinction)

    you dont need the "Big name actors", they just make it true to the lore, patch those plotholes, and don't change the existing character's personalities

  4. Honestly I'm not nearly as excited for ark 2 as I thought I'd be because it just keeps sounding like Conan exiles which I love that ark isn't Conan exiles so I'm really concerned that ark 2 is going to flop hard because it sounds like it isn't going to even be close to the kind of game ark 1 is.

  5. Was there ever any doubt that the animated series was supposed to work as a marketing boost ? The existence of the series and its (only) trailer were revealed at the same time as ARK2…

  6. What are doing with your life, Google? How could think to announce shutting down Stadia before informing developers? Who was the brains behind that move? I hope the person who messed up there gets demoted. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s going to be a firestorm of backlash from uninformed developers about Stadia’s shutdown.


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