ARK 2 ART! Fallout 76 Worlds! New World/Icarus Betas! Eternal Cylinder Release! New Survival Games

the latest survival show including info on ark 2, smalland, grounded, outbreak island,xera survival, jaws of extinction, fallout 76 con? icarus and new world betas, wild planet and dont starve pllus eternal cylinder release date
00:00 survival show
01:00 eternal cylinder release date
02:19 icarus beta early!
04:10 new world beta free
05:14 fallout 76 con?
07:12 wwz switch release
07:53 grounded update delay
09:12 smalland q/a base building/maps
11:24 outbreak island new survival
12:40 xera survival br = survival game
13:33 dont starve new character wanda
14:09 wild planet gameplay trailer
15:02 ark 2 concept art found
17:05 jaws of extinction re-release
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10 thoughts on “ARK 2 ART! Fallout 76 Worlds! New World/Icarus Betas! Eternal Cylinder Release! New Survival Games”

  1. Fallout 76 system I don't think is a Con, it's a different way to go about it. There are a lot of advantages to being able to switch maps and keep your characters flowing to any map instead of being tied to one server. And everyone can do that for free, the only thing you pay for is the private worlds if you want to. You also get the in game currency every month and other benefits all included.

    And the game has less customization then Ark, but Ark and most of these games have next to no story or any real quest. 76 has voice acted npcs and run live events all year.

    I just think it's a different approach.


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