36 Creature ideas They Need to Add to Ark or Ark 2!

36 Creatures they need to add to ark survival evolved!

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15 thoughts on “36 Creature ideas They Need to Add to Ark or Ark 2!”

  1. No offense, but most of these feel….. redundant. Most of them all are “cool and should be added.” And most of these would be useless. Like, another rhino, a morrelatops that isn’t one, and so on. They feel like the same as dinos we already have. Not trying to be rude, but I’m just sharing what I think

  2. Some of these creatures might be cool, but compared to the early days of the game, now we want dinos more for new unique abilities than for "Oh looks at this, it's differents, it's bigger so better, we need to add this". To take one of the examples from the video the Suchomimus / Ichtyovenator, as proposed in the community vote it could have been like the Yuty but for aquatic dinos, but again this idea could be added for an already existing creature via a TLC update

  3. Personally brachiosaurus, acrocanthosaurus is a big no no becurse it would be the same situation that happened to the deinonychus from ark additions. Those creatures would be cool but it would force garuga to scrap hours and days of work.

    In addition we don't need more creatures that are just bigger or smaller versions of allready existing creatures. What we need is unique creatures that stand out not something thats basically a reskin and unfortunatly most creatures here on this list fall under that problem.

    Also just a nitpic but the zebra is allready in game since the equus was based on it.


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